More Digital Mayhem

Another batch post. No sigs this time, just renderin' and postin'.

Render settings: 1024x768, 1000q, 0.4fr, 2os

(except for GIGER, that's an older one of which I can't remember the render settings)






Back from my holidaze.

Happy New Year! Now that my brain is ridding itself of the holiday sediment, I figure it's time to catchup on some posts. Here are 4 new ones.

Render settings: 1024x768, 1000q, 0.4fr, 2os





Magic Puff

Lot of variations in this three transform image. One is pure swirl, the second is 95% spherical with a little horseshoe thrown in and the last is an equal mix of hyperbolic and bent. The gradient is green, orange, white.


I think this one has an evil look about it. It's a four transform image, using only the linear variation. The color gradient is highly varied, with thin strips of deep blue, purple and red.

Four Flying Dragons

This is a three transform sinusoidal/julia variation. The color gradient has a lot of vibrant green and red which reminded me of some Chinese art. Can you see the dragons?


I used the same method to create this one as I did the one below named 'Tornado'. The only difference is that I changed the gradient and it came out with holiday spirit. And of course I changed the look of it as well. These last couple are very busy and have a lot going on...I guess I was in that sort of mood.

Render settings: 1024x768, 1000q, 0.4fr, 2os


On this one I used the Popcorn variation with Forced Symmetry set to Dihedral,4. I ran my modified Sierpinski script on it and then ran the Spiralize script on it. I toyed with the triangles and animated it until I got this. I added a gradient from one of my digital camera pics. It's somewhat chaotic and dark, but I like the straight lines and the subtle color differences.

Render settings: 1024x768, 2000q, 0.4fr, 2os


This image uses two transforms, both partially linear and partially sinusoidal. The color gradient is from a Matisse painting.

Render: 1024x768, 1000q, .4fr, 3os
These are my normal settings unless otherwise noted.